My Christmas Wishlist

For those of you wondering what to get me for Christmas, I have a special request to make.  I have so much, more than I even know what to do with and so many of my fellow travelers have nothing or next to nothing.  So here's the deal:

Below I have placed links to a few charities.  What I would love is for you to pick one (or more) and donate some money to it.  Please do it in your name, but send me a Christmas card telling me what one you donated to (Please do NOT tell me how much you donated.  That is between you and God).

I know this may seem a bit unorthodox, but I really don't need anything.  This truly would be the best Christmas present ever.

Rapha House exists to love, rescue, and heal children who have been rescued from trafficking and sexual exploitation.  My kids have helped raise money for this organization in their church youth group.  Click to donate.

You can also give to the Red Cross if you so wish for the disaster relief in the Philippines.  Click to donate.

Doctors without Borders.  These people go anywhere to provide much needed medical service to anyone, without exception.  Click to donate.

I know this one is asking a lot, but it would be TOTALLY radical if you decided to sponsor a child. Don't do it in my name though.  I mean, it would be a real bummer if you signed me up for something without telling me.  But if YOU wanted to sponsor a child and tell me about it in the Christmas card, I would be so happy.   It is a long shot, I know, but consider this my asking for the proverbial Porsche for Christmas ;)   Compassion International.

Some of my favorite environmental groups

Earthjustice is an organization that takes environmental justice seriously.  Although I'm all for chaining one's self to a tree, sometimes you have to take the fight to the other guy's turf. While you are at the site browse around and listen to some of the podcasts.  I believe we are all called to be stewards of what God has gifted us, and these people take that call seriously.  Click to donate.

Love them, hate them, but you have to admit they get the job done.  These people aren't armchair environmentalists by any stretch of the imagination while at the same time they are professional and dedicated.  I have found myself inspired by this group over and over again.  Click to donate.
If you've never read any of of John Muir's writings, you are missing out.  If you donate you can even get a stuffed animal!  WOOO HOOO!   Click to donate.

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