This page is intended to be a collection of thoughts for which I have no home. Their brevity is mostly to blame for their lack of home.  I will try and put new additions at the top for those who want to follow along.

Don’t be fooled. Architects of a political system where ideological conformity is required by force quite often become its victims.  I have rarely seen an exception to this.

When I stand up for my convictions please don't tell me that I am discriminating.  Of course I am.  You are only stating the obvious.

Thinking in terms of black and white distorts reality for the sake of simplicity.  However, having many shades and colors does not necessarily translate to more opportunities to be right.  Rather this sort of variety typically offers many more opportunities to be wrong and not know it.

If disagreeing with your position is considered "hate" then I suppose we shall hate together.

It is as difficult to predict the past as it is the future.

I love you.  I don't necessarily agree with you.

Often times the most efficient means of ruining a passion for a particular subject is formalizing it with a college education.

Don't pursue your career, pursue your passion.

I am not so amazed by those who know what others are thinking.  What typically leaves me amazed is meeting someone who can think.

In a society with a set of standard (and dare I say, Biblical) morals, unjust laws can be changed by the people of that society refusing to submit to them. Ideally the bad laws are shed over time and the good laws saved from extinction by the cooperatively held morals undergirding them. Of course, any law can be changed simply by ignoring it.  True, there will be consequences at first, but eventually, if people stick to their guns, enforcement will become unpopular and odious and, subsequently, the laws will be altered or dropped altogether. But once morality is removed or made individualized and subjective (which really is one and the same as no morality at all) the good laws are indistinguishable form the bad ones.  Preference becomes the overriding "moral" and the ultimate beneficiary self.  This is often how a society begins its slide into decay and eventual oblivion.

The person who believes people are basically good are either deluded, have had a very small sampling or are liars.  Nothing else can adequately explain such a stance.  The Biblical view is that people are, at their core, evil.  When a person commits a truly horrendous act we shouldn't be surprised.  Rather we should be surprised (and thankful) when people, including ourselves, don't commit such acts more often.  I'm not a pessimist. I've just heard and seen too much to be anything other than a realist.  I've seen my own heart and know that without a doubt nothing good lives inside of me.

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