Friday, December 09, 2016

Indebtedness for them

Indebtedness is something I need to do better with.  Not just being thankful for things people do for me at Christmas or on my birthday or the occassional thoughts of gratitude for my mother on Mother's Day or my father on Father's day.  It needs to go deeper.

If you think about it, we are all indebted to every living person around us.  I am what I am because of them.  From my parents to my siblings to world leaders and even the people halfway around the world who appears to have nothing to do with me right here and right now.

I am indebted even to those who lived before me, even those who lived thousands of years before I was born.  Why?  Because they lived.  Did they directly benefit me?  No, maybe not.  But who knows what effect their actions in their world are having on me right now.  I shouldn't be so presumptuous to believe they have nothing to do with me simply because they are so far away in space or time.

Even the man or woman who retreats into solitude into the dessert must be indebted to others. For their thoughts and struggles have a great deal to do with those that touched their lives.  Even the mythical wild man who had no human contact, if such a person ever existed, would have to be grateful. Their genetic code came from somewhere.  Only God has always been and has no reason to  be indebted for who He is. He always was and is complete and no one was before Him.   We are not God.  We were created into what we are.  We are being created into what we will be.

Even indebted to those who have hurt me directly and for those who hurt me indirectly.  They have helped make me what I am.  They were and will continue to be God's tools, forming this lump of clay into a real human being.  Just the shape mind you.  For it will take the breath of God to truly bring me to life.  A Lifeless shape is just as terrifying as a shapeless life.  Those who God put into my life; past, present and future are shaping me.

A day shouldn't go by where forget to think and sense my indebtedness to them.

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