Tuesday, October 25, 2016

But in my defense...

We are such a litigious society.  If someone offends us we want revenge.  The movie industry has made a killing playing off this tendency.  Either we go to court or we do whatever we can to make sure everyone knows we are innocent or the victim.  Just read Facebook, follow twitter or peruse the news outlets.  Everyone is a victim it seems.

I wish I could say as Christians we are much different than the world.  I wish I could point my finger at the world, waggle it back and forth, and say, "Not like that! Not like that at all!".  But I can't.  We are prone to strike back whenever someone strikes our cheek.  Just read Facebook or Twitter for a few days and you'll get the idea.

That is why I found it so refreshing when I ran across the following excerpt of the life of an Eastern Orthodox saint at abbamoses.com:
[Macarius] was born around 300 in Egypt and in his youth was a camel driver. While still living in his village, he withdrew to a small cell to devote himself exclusively to ascesis and prayer. When the people there wanted to make him a priest, he fled to another village. There a young woman who was discovered to be pregnant falsely accused Macarius of being the father. Macarius was seized, reviled and beaten, but made no effort to defend himself; instead he took on more work in order to provide for the mother and her child. When his innocence was finally discovered, the townspeople came to ask his forgiveness; but he fled to the desert of Sketis (now called Wadi Natrun). He was then thirty years old, and for the rest of his life he dwelt in the desert.
What would people think of Christians and the Church if we all acted like Macarius?  

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