Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Screaming for a king

The following story appeared in the NY Times yesterday.  I'm not going to go into details about what Ginsburg did or said.  The point I think is clear.  She has already decided how she is going to vote and she let everyone know it.  But that really isn't what bothers me the most, although it does bother me.  What bothers me the most is the number of high profile government leaders who are jumping on the bandwagon.  No, not the gay marriage bandwagon.  That is only a red herring.

First, there is no such thing as gay marriage. There never will be.  Second, a vast majority of gays have no interest in getting married.  Why is that important?  Because legalizing marriage between gays isn't really the agenda of the small militant group of gays who are running the show.  It hasn't been for a long time.  It is about forcing everyone (and I mean everyone) to celebrate their sin.  They will not be happy until everyone (and I mean everyone) lauds their lifestyle and completely agrees with it.  Until then they will continue to seek to make any dissenter pay dearly for their sins.

In the case of marriage the endgame is not  "gay marriage" but to get rid of marriage altogether.  This is what bothers me about these politicians and church leaders doing what they are doing, all the time winking, fist bumping and elbow jabbing as if they have a joke only they and their gay friends get.  They just don't seem to see what is coming down the tracks.  The end of marriage.

Ask yourself this: If gays are allowed, legally, to get married, what is stopping three men or four women from getting married?  What about three men and a woman?  How about a woman marrying herself or the Eiffel tower? (No, seriously, those last two happened!)  The problem is when marriage becomes everything it becomes nothing and this is where we are headed.   So smile away.

I can't hate on the politicians and church leaders too much.  They are just the kind of leaders a lot of Americans want. Typical God move: instead of punishing us for our sins by taking away our toys, he is punishing us be giving us exactly what we've been screaming for.  King Saul is in the building.

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