Friday, May 22, 2015

Culture of fear

An article in Washington Post yesterday covered yet another story of a CHRISTIAN (as Christ-ian, as in the Christ in the Bible) college being criticized for its "anti-LGTB" policies.  In the article a gay female student at one of these CHRISTIAN colleges expressed surprise at the policy (Did I mention that this was a Christian college?).   She  is quoted as saying:

Maybe I can’t go up to people and talk about it.  I thought everybody was O.K. with makes you think twice about who you’re telling what to.

Well, I completely understand where she is coming from.  Our culture is quickly becoming one that is pervaded with the scent of fear.  Here we have a lady going to a Christian college who is afraid that if she talks freely about something her college's policy book clearly states as considered sinful (because that is what the Bible says; the Bible this Christian college bases their beliefs and practices upon) she will be punished.  I completely identify with this person.  As Christians we are in fear of being punished by our government for our beliefs.  I could be fired for them, I could be taken to court for them,  church where I attend could eventually lose its tax status for them, we could eventually be arrested for talking about our beliefs to others in public, our businesses could be shuttered for standing up for them. So yeah, I get the fear thing.

The other day, during family devotions where I brainwash my children into believing there is actually an absolute moral standard in the universe,  I had the pleasure of telling them that some day I could be punished by our government for posting things like this on my blog (which no one really reads).  That to live godly in Christ will bring persecution (2 Timothy 3:12) and that persecution will most certainly be coming in our lifetime.  Why?  Because we have the audacity to believe that there is a God and he has spoken to us by his Word, the Holy Scriptures, and that we can either follow him or man.

Am I afraid?  Yes.  I'm afraid for my family.  After all, I am a father so it is a part of the package deal when you become one.  I am afraid that I won't be able to provide for them should I be denied employment for being a Christian (a real one).  I am afraid for my Church family who are hoping this will all go away, knowing in my heart of hearts it will not.  I know that I just need to trust Jesus, and I do trust him.  But I can't help but struggle with the growing angst welling up inside of me that all hell is about to break loose and most of us are not going to be ready for it.

So welcome to the club, young lady.  The road goes both directions and I guess we are each going to have to stand by our convictions no matter what may come.  Bring it!

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