Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tares and Wheat

An interesting  piece appeared on line Friday at the New York Times by Op-ed columnist Frank Bruni.  You can read the full article here. Bruni's piece very well written and honest.  I would encourage every believer to read it.

I really don't want to take the time out to go over the article here.  I only offer it as evidence of what some have been saying all along: the proponents of the current moral revolution will not be truly satisfied until every person, organization, business and religion fully agree with and approve of their lifestyle.  Period.  It won't stop at marriage or how Christians choose to run their businesses.   Homosexuality must be removed from "the sin list" and that means more than mere consent.  It means a complete redefinition of what it means to be Christian.  And don't think that being nice about it (and we should be nice) is going to help.  Saying something clever like, "Hey, we disagree but we can still love each other" is not going to fly in the coming days.  In their minds it would be the same as an avid member of the KKK saying to an African-American, "We disagree, but we can still be friends".   It really isn't the same thing.  Morale choice is not the same thing as race.  But no amount of logic or philosophizing will make a difference.  If you don't agree than you hate and you need to be forced to agree or punished.

I feel sorry for those denominations, churches and individual believers who have capitulated to demands of moral revolutionists.  I feel sorry because not only do they not see what they gave up, but they don't realize how much more they are going to be expected to give up in the future.  How much will they be expected to give up?  All of it.  In fact, I suspect that in the not to distant future even churches who approve of and participate in gay weddings will be persecuted right along side us conservatives.  Crazy, eh?

Genesis 3:1 tells us that Satan said to the woman, "Did God actually say...?".  This is where it began and nothing today has changed.  This is still Satan's temptation and lie.  This is where he attacks the church first and foremost.  If he can destroy confidence in God's Word than he has won.  Everything we see going on in the church today centers around this one attack.  In fact, most of the denominations which have changed their stance on homosexuality gave up on God's Word a long time ago.  Oh, it is still used and read from, but it ceased to be God's Word in any true sense a long time ago.  Instead of the infallible, inerrant, plenary, God breathed, Word, it because an inspirational, man written, book with some moral truths God wanted to inspire us with.  Sure it is full of mistakes and folklore, but God could still use it much as he could use the Sunday comics to inspire someone.  "Did God actually say...?"

I wonder what these churches will do when three men or three women show up and want to be married?  Or when one woman and three men want to be married to each other?  Will they stand their ground then?  If they do they will start the cycle all over again and if they refuse to capitulate they will be persecuted.   They've already questioned God's authority when it came to what the Bible says about homosexuality so how will they stand on any other moral/theological issue?  

The saddest part of this whole ordeal is that the churches who caved never saw what was happening for what it was.  Not a moral revolution but an attack from the enemy of our souls.  It wasn't even a fresh or particularly clever attack.  It was the same question he's been asking all along:  "Did God really say?".  

There is hope for believers who's hearts are grieved over the seeming victory Satan has scored.  But even though there is hope for the believers, I doubt there is for the denominations.  Those who truly are grieved over the sins committed by the capitulation of these denominations will need to chose whom they will serve.  For many, if not all, that will mean coming out from among them.  Leaving.  Normally I never recommend someone leaving their church or denomination.  However, when the decision boils down to choosing between being obedient to God as given us in his Word and following man, there is no real choice.  The true believer, the one who hears the voice of the Shepherd calling, must follow not man, but God.  In the words of a famous children's hymn:

"Though none go with me, still I will follow.  No turning back.  No turning back."

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