Sunday, November 03, 2013

I wish we had Communion every day

Today, in our fellowship, we are having Communion or, what is sometimes referred to as, The Lord's Supper.  This is were we share, as the church, the wine (we use grape juice, but I wish this would change) and bread (unleavened, but again, I wish this would change too).   We do this once a month.  But I wish we would do this every day.

I have three reasons for this.  The first is due to the symbolic nature of the elements (the bread and the wine).  The bread reminds me of the body that was broken for me and the wine reminds me of the blood that was shed for me.  But more than this it reminds me that I've forgotten the terrible sacrifice that was made for me personally.  It reminds me that in one single day I have cheapened that sacrifice and I've abused the grace and mercy represented in these two humble icons of our Lord's body.

I need to repent in tears for, what many times, amounts to carelessness on my part.  Careless to let my sinful nature creep back into the control seat of my heart, sometimes without me knowing, many times with my explicit permission.  If I need this at the end of each day, can you imagine what one whole month brings?  I need this every day because I am a slow and stupid man.

Second, I need this for the actual presence of our Lord in the elements.  No, I do not believe that the bread physically becomes his body and the wine his blood.  I believe our Lord's words were spiritual (John 6:63).  But I do not believe they are purely symbolic.  Not only was this a much later addition to the Church's understanding of this holy feast, but it isn't what "spiritual" means.  I believe, as the church historically believed (akin to her teaching of the Trinity), that this is a mystery.  That, in some way that we can't quite grasp with our brains, the elements are both symbolically and actually his body and blood.  I believe the more we try to think this out the more warped and heretical our understanding of this precious feast becomes.

I need his presence, and although he is with me always, there is something special in these elements, something that brings me closer to him then any other time.  This happens through faith.  Or perhaps this happens in spite of my lack of faith.  Either way, I wish I had this every day.  I need it because I am a faithless and sinful man prone to wondering far away from my precious Savior.  I need this for the physical closeness it brings to the love of my soul.

Thirdly, Communion is called Communion because it must be participated within the communion of other  believers.  It cannot be done alone.  To do this alone, privately, is to strip from it a necessary element that ruins the experience.  We need one another.  Salvation is found in the midst of the whole body where Christ is the head.  We cannot do this alone.  Jesus didn't just die for me, he died for his Church.  When I say I want to do this everyday, I am expressing the desire to be in communion with my brothers and sisters everyday of every week of every year for all eternity.  Yes...I do know what I am asking.  I have lived with other believers in a communal type setting in the past.  It is very hard.  But it is right.

I am sure you will present the argument that Communion would become boring and common.  Yes.  It would.  I've lived with my wife now for over twenty years.  Do I take her for granted?  Have I become "bored" with our relationship?  Yes, I am ashamed to say that I have.  It is up to me to stir up that first love I had for her.  It is up to me to remember why we married in the first place.  To remember the first day I fell in love with her. To remember the beauty, the charm and yes, even the emotions.  When I do this I find my heart warming and my desire for her grow.  I look at her and fall in love with her all over again.

When I partake in the Lord's Supper whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or (God forbid!) yearly, I must stir up the first love (Rev. 2:5). I must remember when we first met 2,000 year ago on that cross when he, though I were still a sinner, died for me; his flesh broken and his blood pouring out upon the ground.

This is why I wish we had Communion every single day.

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